How long should coaching sessions be?

First of all, most people's attention spans cannot be maintained beyond this period of time, so the session makes the most of this period before the client is exhausted and their attention begins to lose their attention. How often do your coaching conversations take place? The study revealed that 40% received training every 3-4 weeks, followed by 19% every 2-3 weeks. If you're overwhelmed, going through a transition, or facing a major conflict, you might also appreciate having frequent support from a coach. Certification Course Schedule Live Training Courses On-Demand Training Cam Coaching Community Group Mentor Coaching The Coaching Exchange.

The study showed that one third of the coaching sessions were conducted in person and two thirds by phone. Otherwise, the coach might be tempted to expand client participation for the financial benefit of the coach, rather than for the benefit of the client. Rest assured that your coaching skills, combined with your client's ingenuity and God's goodness, will result in a useful conversation, no matter how much or how little time is available. Clients reported that when training was done over the phone, the coach gave fewer instructions and advice from a higher point of view.

A study conducted by the Coaching Research Institute LLP surveyed clients about the behaviors and structures used by their professional coaches and the resulting effects on clients. First, meeting with a coach frequently for an extended period of time can increase the risk of you feeling dependent on the coach. It is necessary to take into account your preferences and those of your coach, but in general there is a correlation between the structure and your behaviors as a coach and the results of the coach. I spent 20 years in Japan, Indonesia and Singapore and have facilitated leadership development and coaching processes in more than 20 countries.

When you don't have a full hour to train, remember that God can work in both eons and microseconds.

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